Saturday Night BodyHouse Dancing Party - Keren Rosenberg

18 MRT

Repetitieruimte 2,

Performance Artist – Choreographer, Coach and Founder of BodyHouse Method Keren Rosenberg and culture house de Vlugt are opening their doors for participants to experience together with Keren the BodyHouse method:

An individual and communal journey, where together we unleash stored energies from our flesh, spirit, hearts, while commonly creating a sacred trustful space to allow these energies to be released and dance with freedom and passion.

**All that is needed is comfortable clothes, an open heart and available body to move and be moved.

*Doors open at 19:30, session starts at 20:00, entrance through the café, we will be in studio 2.

You can reserve your spot here. 

***Free Entrance For We Are Public members Upon mail registration at:

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