Body-House Sessions by Keren Rosenberg


Performance Artist | Embodiment coach and Founder of Body-House Method Keren Rosenberg together with culture house de Vlugt are opening their doors for participants to experience together with Keren the Body-House method.

Every Thursday from October 20th till December 15th at 19:30-21:00 in  de Vlugt.

You can buy your tickets here. 

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What is Body-House Method: 
Body-House is a physically embodied and intuitive practice as well as a consciousness evoking method developed by Keren Rosenberg. Click to HERE experience a free mini Body-House session.

The Body-House Method offers an engaging and profound way to discover the wisdom of your body and to develop physical and mental stamina, together with inner focus. It builds confidence and familiarity with non-verbal communications and with your unique body language and energetic traits. It is a physical method with a powerful therapeutic and healing experience. It will help you to reconnect with your source of vitality and inner power. Body-House approaches the body as a vessel that carries energy and vibration, where skin functions as a two-way wall mediating between the personal-intimate and the universal energetic flow that is around and within us. Like a house, our body has windows and doors that have a direct dialogue and connection between our inner world and the world around us.

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