Scrambled Drool

21 MIE
21 mei.

Scrambled Drool
21th May 2022 , Saturday
From 19:00
Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan, 125

We would like to invite you to join us this Saturday! There will be DJ sets, a concert, videos, food, natural wine and beer. And the launch of the first Soort merch in collaboration with Hyoyoung Chu (@chuccar)

Soup and beverages served from 19:00

Music by:
blusher (@aidowall)
Backstreet Goy (@goytung)
DJ Steve
Eurico (Live) (@eeeurico)
pT.T (@sangahakasha + @frederiquegagnon)
Toby (@toby_paul_)

Videos by:
Andrea Gonzalez (@auroraaandrea)
Giovanni Giaretta (@giovanni_giaretta)
Philip Ullman (@philipullman)
Skye McKinney & Jeanne Gironde (@fakecowgirl + @jeanne.nour)

Organized by:
Soort, Frederique Gagnon and Toby Paul
with the support from Still Making Art (@stillmakingart)

Design: Sangah Shin (@sangahakasha)

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