(un)homey edges of hospitality

30 OKT

Broedplaats ,

30 October / 15:00 – 17:00

Our (un)homely encounter considers hospitality and hostility, the two words that share
the same ancestral root. We follow a radical trail, in which persons fleeing large-scale
war are received in an intimate setting of private homes in a safe country.

location: Goleb, De Vlugt /
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Ilse van Liempt, the researcher on forced displacement and local emplacement, will join the hosts of the event, Igor Sevcuk and Go-Eun Im, together with Shila Hadji Heydari Anaraki, a PhD researcher who examines arrival infrastructures for people on the move without
Following the short intros, the presentations from the field research and the unfolding
conversation will closer illuminate (un)homey edges of hospitality.
As an intermission, we will screen Black Film by Želimir Žilnik, 1971. The 14-minute
film is a thought-provoking experiment in understanding the limits of hospitality and
artistic involvement when it comes to the social exclusion of abject otherness. In the
film, a group of homeless people – those who ideologically didn’t exist in socialist
Yugoslavia – are invited to stay at the filmmaker’s house as he roams the city to address
their invisibility.

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