We are listening to a record #10

8 jul
8 jul.

Listening Session
After nine editions of semi-private session for which a set of eight invitations cards were distributed by hand, “We are listening to a record” is going public. For this occasion artist Vita Buivid is invited to pick a record that is dear to her. Growing up in the Soviet Union she will share a record that was important to her in her youth. The artist will also bring a set of “official” Soviet records to look at and pass around giving us a glimpse of the otherwise musical landscape.

Book Launch
Since 2019 Stephan Blumenschein has organized this gatherings of listening to a record in different spaces in Amsterdam and Vienna. The publication “We were listening to records” is giving a taste of the past events and presents reflections and intentions that developed along the way. Designed by Bram van den Berg and with an essay by artist Flora Valeska Woudstra. She writes, “In my experience, crip time appears from and through listening to the body, this act of listening opens something up, lifts some of the veil of normative time, just as it does during the we are listening to a record sessions.”

Vita Buivid was born in Dnepropetrovsk (now Dnipro/Ukraine). Buivid has been engaged in contemporary art since the early 1990s as a photographer and lens-based artist. Later she begins to add to her works text and textile. She is considered to be one of the forward-thinking feminists in post-soviet art. Graduated from the Dutch Art Institute in 2020 and currently lives and works in Amsterdam. As a research-based artist, she reflects on the social and the political aspects of ageing. Currently, she is a long-term resident artist at HMK with a project ‘TEXT/TEXTILE; crocheting for beginners in critical theory’.

Flora Valeska Woudstra (1991, Amsterdam) lives and works in Rotterdam. Through her practice as a translator, writer and collaborator, she inquires the roles of different bodies and forms of embodiment within language and translation. Flora has received her master’s degree at the Dutch Art Institute, and works closely with curatorial studio Shimmer, in Rotterdam. Her visual and literary work has previously appeared in Daily Practice, Terras, Samplekanon, nY, Awater, Stichting Perdu, The Kröller-Müller Museum, Poetry International and The Bendigo Art Gallery.

Stephan Blumenschein (1983) is an Amsterdam-based artist. In his practice he takes up the spatial as a subject through the investigation of physical as well as imaginary spaces. He focuses on the spatial experience and the way the “social” is defined by how we work with and through space. How do we enter and maneuver through the different layers and relations of spaces, leave and return again? His work has been shown and published a.o. at P////AKT, Marwan, New Jörg, ventil-records and A*Desk.

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